IO3. Creation of the Virtual Reality Game

It concerns the development of the Virtual Reality (VR) application/game of the VR simulation of the European Youth Council with the participation of all students/participants from the partnering schools. During this phase, the application will be developed in terms its scenario, context, the avatars, and the overall functionality.

The VR Game is developed so that it is youth- friendly, immersive, easy to be played and educational.

The partner Company BOLT Virtual was in charge of designing, developing, testing and finalizing the VR application, the development of the overall software functionality, user interface, 3D environments, VR programming, 3D audio and multiuser online functionality The beta version of the software will be tested in real life. Finalising, by Bolt Virtual: solving bugs and addressing testing concerns and finalizing the product

The Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs and the trainers of the partner developed the scenario, the avatars and the way they function within the Game.

All partners provided consultation on the idea development, the scenarios, the avatars and the overall usage of the IO and participated to the testing phase of the IO.

Leading Organisation BOLT Virtual Services and Productions – Private Company

Participating Organisation: Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs