IO1. Creation of the Handbook

It will be created during the early stages of the project. 

This Handbook will contain the topics and extended information on the thematic of the workshops that the students will join during their preparation for the Virtual Reality Game that will play and the analytical methodology and tools that will be used during the workshops.

The detailed information on the topics of the workshops concerns the following thematics:

1.Safe use of Internet and social media

2.Bulling at schools and Cyber bullying

 3.Human rights & Multicultural environment in the EU

 4.European Citizenship & Rights

5.Environmental Behavior

 6.Sustainable Growth in EU

7.Circular Economy in EU and abroad

 The methodology and tools details concern the non-formal learning procedures, tools and methods. The Handbook will be developed in a youth-friendly and easy to read way and its learning design follows the 7cs Learning Design Framework. The handbook will also contain learning outcomes, training activities and evaluation methodology.

Leading Organisation:  Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs Participating Organisation: University of Piraeus Research Center

You can access the IO1 here