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The “VR in School Education & Civic participation” is a 24-months project in which 100 students and 20 teachers from 4 different European countries will be exposed to a new, innovative experience of learning through a Virtual Reality Game.

This Virtual Reality Game concerns the digital Simulation of the procedures of the European Youth Council in which the participating students will get the opportunity to publicly express their opinions and make proposals on the issues of:

  • Safe use of Internet and social media
  • Bulling at schools and Cyber bullying
  • Human rights & Multicultural environment in the EU
  • European Citizenship & Rights
  • Environmental Behavior
  • Sustainable Growth in EU and Circular Economy.

The project also includes physical workshops and MOOC on-line courses that both students and teachers will be attending in order to familiarize themselves with the innovative and non-traditional learning tools as well as to prepare themselves on the topics that will discuss during the game.

The aim of the project is to provide the space for the participants to develop their digital and soft skills, enrich their knowledge on specific issues that will be explored during different phases of the project and enhance values of European identity, active citizenship and civic engagement. Moreover, the project seeks to influence the participating teachers as well by exposing them to new, innovating learning models. The project identifies and covers the need for accelerating the digitalization in the education field through an innovative way by providing an inclusive, costless and open tool for the teachers to use in their classrooms. However, the project does not target only the students and their teachers, but it aims to affect all possible stakeholders in the education and training field to acquire such digitalized methods of learning and include non-formal learning tools on their educational procedures.

The consortium consists of 8 partners, among which are Experts in the field on non-formal education and the educational activity of the simulation, Schools of secondary level from 4 countries, an SME expert in the digital tools of VR and the Laboratory on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Growth of the University of Piraeus, as an expert in the topics of sustainable growth, environmental behavior